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eCoast Publishes Social Media Marketing Survey Results

eCoast, a leading provider of outsourced marketing and sales solutions to the technology industry, recently published the results of a nation-wide social media marketing survey.

Beginning in May, 2009, eCoast surveyed over one hundred SMB companies in the high technology industry to gain a better understanding of where they stand with current marketing strategies and social media marketing initiatives. More than half of the survey respondents were actively using social media from a business standpoint, and a vast majority believed their company would increase its usage in the future. The survey report (link provided below) offers a comprehensive and objective look at the full results of this survey.

Questions focused on four primary topics including: current marketing strategies, website usage and maintenance, paid and organic searches, and social media marketing. Results showed that despite the downturned economy, marketing was still a high priority for the majority of respondents. Although many of these companies still employed outbound marketing strategies, they were introducing and strengthening inbound marketing strategies such as SEO and social media marketing, and felt that aside from telemarketing, their outbound marketing efforts have become less important in recent months.

Results showed that the majority of companies were focused on strengthening their online presence and drawing potential clients and customers into their websites. Many rated the website as an important tool in the new business/lead generation process, and referenced tactics used to increase website traffic. Furthermore, nearly 75% of respondents believed that their companies would indefinitely increase their social media marketing efforts in the future, and many cited specific companies as exemplary leaders in the social media world.

About eCoast:

eCoast is an outsourced sales and channel marketing agency focused on executing highly customized and cutting edge programs that result in increased revenue and outreach for the high-technology industry. With proven methods of increasing pipeline revenue, shortening sales cycles, and building long term relationships with diverse clients, eCoast has developed a solid reputation for success, and is the primary marketing firm for technology manufacturers, partners, and value added resellers. eCoast’s service offerings include appointment setting, marketing outsourcing, channel sales, and inbound marketing.

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