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Ground-breaking social marketing app connects Facebook and YouTube video comments two way

-Ground breaking business TV channel, yourBusinessChannel, has this morning launched an app which links Facebook and YouTube together like never before. The app allows people on either platform to comment on videos, with their comments appearing on both platforms simultaneously.

YouTube and Facebook are amongst the biggest names in online social media. With literally hundreds of millions of people spending many hours a month on these platforms, it comes as no surprise that many businesses are looking for a killer social strategy to allow them to leverage marketing results from the enormous popularity of these sites.

The app launched by yourBusinessChannel’s business advice team has the potential to revolutionise Facebook marketing by allowing the two popular platforms to “talk” to each other. Video content and the posting of comments is completely synchronised across two platforms.

The potential for this application to transform social marketing in general and Facebook marketing in particular are enormous, says Mark Sinclair, Features Editor at yourBusinessChannel.

“Some of the social marketing applications of this tool are fairly obvious, such as allowing users to read and respond to comments regardless of what social media platform they are on,” says Sinclair. “But what is really exciting about the tool is that once it’s out there, there will be hundreds of new and different business development uses that we can’t currently foresee. The power of the internet is that it allows everyone to access and collaborate using new technology.”

The App has been engineered by a team of specialist social media developers with expertise in Facebook, Twitter and Google integration. The development team says that it has built technology to allow a new level of synchronicity between almost any combination of platforms.

To encourage initial take up of the Facebook application, yourBusinessChannel is putting together a package of freebies for everyone who installs it, as well as a prize draw valued at up to US$60,000, all of which will be announced next week.

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