Columbus, OH – To create the most Searched Engine Optimized press release ever, Bill Balderaz of Webbed Marketing, the Columbus, Ohio Search Engine Optimization agency (, recommends using your most important keywords in the first sentence of the press release.

“In creating the most Search Engine Optimized press release ever (, we focused on creating a release with our most important keyword phrase– ‘most Search Engine Optimized press release ever’ into the copy. We also make use of related phrases, like ‘tips for creating SEO news releases’ and ‘how to write a Search Engine Optimized media release.'”

Balderaz explained that he also included photos of his dogs, chickens and children in the release. “Uploading pictures greatly increases pickups of Search Engine Optimized press releases,” added Balderaz. “Cute kids and animals are some of the best pictures to include,” he said.

“In addition to focusing on the content and photos, we released the most Search Engine Optimized press release ever on PRWeb, although we have also used Webwire,” he said. He also mentioned ClickPress, 24-7, and PRLeap, in case there is anything to the concept of latent semantic association. He mentioned that all of the above online newswires were useful in getting Search Engine Optimized press releases indexed in Google News and Yahoo! News.

“Search Engine Optimized press releases are things that should be written in the passive voice,” Balderaz added.

He explained that a well search engine optimized press release must be found by your online influencers, consumers and the media. “No one goes to Google News and searches on ‘Webbed Marketing’ and not many bloggers have a Google alert set up for the term ‘Webbed Marketing.’ But influencers, bloggers and the media do search newswires for news on ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and ‘SEO’. Over time, this release will also be indexed in the main search engine indexes. As people search for ‘Most Search Engine Optimized press release ever’, this press release should rank well.”

Balderaz added that the release would create in bound links to the Webbed Marketing site, so he included keyword rich links like online public relations ( in the release.

According to Balderaz, he will also submit the release to Sphinn, Digg,, reddit, mixx and StumbleUpon. He said Webbed Marketing would also write about the release on its blog so it gets indexed by Technorati and Google Blog Search.

“Ethically, you need to make sure that everything from your keywords to your distribution relates to the content of your release,” Balderaz added. “This release is all about helping searchers find tips on creating the most Search Engine Optimized press release ever.” He added that he would never optimize this release on terms like “Britney Spears”, “free iPod” or “win a Nintendo Wii.” He did concede that a release about Britney Spears listening to a free iPod while winning a Nintendo Wii would probably really be the most Search Engine Optimized press release ever.

“Ultimately, my goal is that all online marketers and public relations professionals find the most Search Engine Optimized press release ever ( to be useful in their Internet marketing strategies (,” Balderaz said.

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