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Twitter Generates Almost One in Ten Social Media Hits to Websites Reports StatCounter

Twitter generates almost one in ten Social Media global hits to websites according to web analytics firm, StatCounter. The firm’s research arm StatCounter Global Stats reports that Facebook is the primary source of traffic to global websites with almost half (48%) of Social Media hits followed by StumbleUpon with almost a quarter (25%).

The data for March is based on 13 billion page views across the global StatCounter network of member sites. StatCounter, which provides free website traffic information, has recently added Social Media to its StatCounter Global Stats, a free online research tool for media, analysts, bloggers, researchers and members. StatCounter Global Stats monitors Internet market share battles including Search Engines, Browsers, Operating Systems including mobile and now Social Media.

“From a business perspective the findings suggest that there is merit in having a corporate Facebook page or Twitter account,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter.

“The surprise packet is StumbleUpon, which over the past year has been consistently in the top two Social Media sites in terms of generating global website traffic. Indeed, in the US in March StumbleUpon was number one ahead of Facebook in terms of website traffic generation.”

The top Social Media sites to generate global website traffic after Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter are YouTube (6%), reddit (4%), Digg (2%) and MySpace (2%).

Mr Cullen added, “Social Media market share fluctuates a lot more than browser or search statistics. For example, Facebook peaked over Christmas and the New Year with almost three quarters of the total, perhaps reflecting its important role in communications between families and friends.”

He also noted that professional Social Media site LinkedIn was ranked at 12 with 0.34%. “This does not reflect its importance as a business site as it is not directly comparable to the more consumer focused sites.”

Note: Data includes 25 of the main Social Media sites but excludes the recently launched Google Buzz.

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