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Botta-Design DUO 24 One Hand Watch for Two Time Zone

Botta design presents the world’s first dual one-hand-watch for two time zones

Our world may be becoming smaller, but one boundary still remains – time.

Before we contact someone in another time zone, we always find ourselves wondering what time it is there – is it early in the morning or late at night? Will my call be a disturbance, or will it come just in time?

The DUO 24 offers a simple solution to this problem: being a dual one-hand watch, it shows both the local time and the time at one additional time zone, using just one hand in each case.

This is the simple yet amazingly logical principle which the DUO 24 uses to give its wearer reassurance when dealing with different time zones.

The main display on the outside shows the local time. The striking 12-hour hand points to the specially developed one-hand scale familiar for more than 25 years from the UNO.

The second time zone is shown, somewhat less prominently, next to the local time. The 24-hour numerical ring and the delicate hand are situated on a lower display level and are clearly separated from the 12-hour display. An artificial horizon divides the dial into a day half and a night half – making sure that unwanted alarm calls are a thing of the past.

The DUO 24 is the ideal dual one-hand watch for anyone at home in two worlds.

Klaus Botta has been designing and creating wristwatches for clients like Junghans AG, Bestform and Watch People since 1986. Botta-Design wristwatches have already received over 40 renowned design awards, both in Germany and abroad. Some of them are exhibited in the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design and the Museum für angewandte Kunst (Museum of Applied Art) in Frankfurt.
Watches from Botta-Design are characterized by a concentration on the bare essentials. The salient design features of every Botta-Design wristwatch are functional clarity and a high degree of technical aesthetic which is underlined by the choice of materials and the precision of the workmanship.

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