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Vector Smart Watch

British-based Vector Watch recently announced the launch of its new collection of smartwatches, featuring a 30 day battery life.

Vector SmartwatchThe Vector Watch collection features 12 models and includes Performance, Contemporary and Classic styles. The round-faced Luna and the rectangular- faced Meridian models pay homage to the traditional wristwatch design.

Manufactured from stainless steel, each smartwatch offers convenient multi- platform compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows smartphones. The always-on display provides at-a-glance overview of daily schedules and subtle meeting reminders and notifications.

Customers can download Apps from the Vector Store including trackers, alarms, and events as well as branded Apps for CNN, BCC as well as many more to be added. Vector Watch can be customized further with Streams, areas on the watch dedicated to key contextual information such as time zones, calorie counters, stock market information and calendar events, all connected via a low-energy Bluetooth.

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