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Evernote for Android adds speech-to-text and custom widgets

Evernote have announcedan Android Update featuring ‘Speech-to-text and Big Widget Enhancements.

Evernote for Android

Speech-to-text feature
Audio notes have been a core feature of the app since day one. Today, we’re giving you a new option: speech recognition. Tap the new speech bubble icon in the tool bar above the keyboard to launch the feature. As you talk, the app instantly places your spoken words into the body of the note as text. Magic.

Speech-to-text availability
The speech-to-text feature uses Google Android’s text transcription service. You must be online for it to work. Also, this capability is only available on devices with version 4 of the Android operating system (aka, Ice Cream Sandwich), and certain other devices, as well. If you see the speech-to-text option appear when you update, then you’ll know that your phone or tablet supports the functionality.

New widget features
In this update Evernote added a bunch of great new capabilities to our widget app, available as a separate download from the Google Play Store.

Widget Color: Choose between original green or a new dark theme
Custom buttons Choose which Evernote functions appear in the widget
Large widget notes Choose what notes appears in the large widget—last viewed; last updates; specific notebooks, tags, or Saved Searches

New tiny widget
When you long press on the phone’s home screen and go to the Widget menu, you’ll now see a tiny 1×1 single function Evernote widget, which takes up the same screen real estate as an app icon. This widget is great for placing a single Evernote function anywhere you like.

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