Packt Announce jQuery Mobile First Look Book

Packt announce jQuery Mobile First Look, a new book which aims to show the features of the jQuery Mobile framework, what they do, and how they can be used. Written by Giulio Bai,this book covers all the factors that a developer needs to know before starting mobile web application development. The book also suggests the best practices and methods to accomplish things in an alternative way. For more details, visit:

jQuery Mobile is a Touch-Optimized Web Framework (additionally known as a JavaScript library or a Mobile framework) currently being developed by the jQuery Project team. The development focuses on creating a framework compatible with a wide variety of Smartphones and Tablets, made necessary by the growing-but-heterogeneous tablet and smartphone market.

jQuery Mobile First Look book starts with an introduction to jQuery Mobile. The book gives an overview of the key features of the framework and how they can be used to implement a mobile web application. The topics covered include everything the jQuery Mobile developer needs to know in order to create a full-feature web application for mobile devices. The book presents information about buttons, toolbars, dialogs, forms, and list views.

Using this book, readers will discover why jQuery Mobile is highly regarded when compared to other libraries and frameworks. The jQuery users will learn to display content to suit their needs and make everything look like a full-fledged RIA even on a mobile screen. This book will show readers how to enjoy programming by letting a simple yet effective JavaScript library handle the hassles that they would encounter otherwise.

Allowing existing users to get a look at the features of jQuery mobile, this book is targeted at jQuery developers who want to enter the exciting world of mobile web development. This book is an interesting and beneficial read to jQuery users. To read more about the book, please visit:

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