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Netkiller Cloud Desk for Google Apps

Netkiller Cloud Desk is a help desk and case management solution for Google Apps. The Netkiller Cloud Desk is not only effective and easy to use, but also has customizable features to accommodate all types of service requests from your internal & external customers. The Netkiller Cloud Desk help desk and case management solution allows your organization to tailor the help desk appearances and function, giving you the ability to change the logo and field descriptions to fit your organization’s specific needs.

What makes the Netkiller Cloud Desk unique? It is a “pure Google Apps solution.” There is no third party application required. The Netkiller Cloud Desk contains built in Google Apps Script and a combination of Google Docs, Google Form, Google Groups and Google Sites, allowing the application to be securely embedded into your Google Apps account. Because the Netkiller Cloud Desk is built on the Google platform, it is flexible and easily customizable. Impressively, for any Google Apps for Business users using the Netkiller Cloud Desk, 99.9% up-time is guaranteed.

Key Features of Netkiller Cloud Desk
· Customize help desk appearances and function
· Receive email notification when a new case is created, assigned, or resolved
· Share cases with groups or assign to specific staff members
· Manage and track each case using an automated, unique case number
· Track each case with a customer/agent conversation log
· Improve customer service by using the feedback survey included with each case
· Display customer service details with the integrated Google Sites dashboard graphic charts
· Search cases in Google Groups and manage past cases with the case history management feature
· Offline functionality will be supported as Google Apps launches their offline features this year

System Requirements for Netkiller Cloud Desk
· Google Apps (free, education, or business)
· Web browser with Internet connection

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