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Vaultize Announces Support for Google Apps

Vaultize announced the availability of cloud-to-cloud backup of Google Apps in its enterprise-grade backup, sync and sharing platform. This will facilitate independent backup copies of Google Apps – thus protecting this critical corporate asset from potential data loss due to instances like accidental deletions, malicious destructions and hacking

With this announcement, Vaultize becomes the first backup and sharing vendor in the world to provide a single platform to securely backup and share business critical data on endpoints as well as Google Apps.

“With the increasing number of instances of hacking and malicious destructions, a secure second copy of Google Apps data physically and logically isolated from the primary cloud would give a peace of mind to businesses and enterprises. Additionally, it will also give protection from the potential data loss that can happen because of user errors or improper use of features,” said Anand Kekre, CEO and Co-founder of Vaultize. “Vaultize now provides a single platform to protect business critical data on endpoints as well as on Google Apps – making life of IT folks easier. Customers can choose to keep backup of their Google Apps data in Vaultize cloud or use other deployment options including our private cloud option or Cloud-in-a-box appliance to keep the backup in their own data center.”

Vaultize is also the first data protection vendor in the world to offer backup, sync and sharing through an enterprise-grade appliance called Cloud-in-a-box. Now, in addition to backing up endpoints on Cloud-in-a-box appliance, customers can also backup their Google Apps data without any additional license. This will allow customers to keep a copy of their mails and documents under their control in their own premise – something many businesses will find important for internal compliance.

Google Apps support will also allow IT admin to move data from one user account to another within the same domain or across domains. This will be very useful for businesses undergoing migrations.

Google Apps support is currently in beta and will be available free to enterprise customers.