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Syncdocs Application Turns Google Docs Into a G Drive

Google has just released new features that are specifically designed to make syncing to Google Docs faster and more reliable. The new Syncdocs takes full advantage of these features, with a new core sync engine that dramatically reduces sync times and increases sync fidelity. Syncs that used to take up to 15 minutes can now finish in 15 seconds.

Other new features include enhanced support for new style Google Presentations, scheduled backup to and from Google Docs, and powerful selective syncing options.

With Syncdocs, Google Apps is mapped as a G-Drive. Folders across multiple PCs and mobile devices just stay in sync automatically. Anything saved to these folders is automatically mirrored online and across all linked PCs. Syncdocs can also integrate with other cloud storage providers, like Dropbox or to sync these to Google Docs.

“Syncdocs gives you the freedom to access your files where you want, in the you want it,” said Donald Recsei, Syncdocs’ product manager. “Backing up cloud data is also increasingly important, something Syncdocs makes easy.”

In addition to providing sync and online backup, Google Docs are available right from the user’s Windows desktop. This means that Microsoft Office is no longer necessary to open or create Word or Excel files on the PC.

Syncdocs can also help in migration from Sharepoint to Google Docs.

The full version of Syncdocs is free, as is the upgrade. Users are only charged when syncing a large number of files. The free download of the latest version of Syncdocs is available at

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