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Syncdocs Keeps Google Drive Safe in the Cloud

Syncdocs is a new Google Drive app that automatically protects documents stored online. It encrypts files when uploaded to Google, and decrypts them when downloaded. Files are protected with the military strength AES 256 bit encryption. This means that only the authorized people get access to Google Drive files, anyone without the right password will only see the encrypted file.

“Security remains the biggest concern for anyone considering cloud,” says Donald Recsei, Syncdocs’ Marketing Director. “By automatically encrypting all sensitive material, Syncdocs gives individuals and businesses the confidence they need to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.”

Syncdocs now also enables real-time collaboration between the new Microsoft Office 2013 and Google Docs. This lets users on the different platform work together in real-time. Google Docs can now also be accessed offline using Microsoft Office tools.

Syncdocs has a couple of other handy features, you can sync folders from anywhere on PC and network, it has seamless Windows integration making it easy to use, and it supports syncing multiple Google accounts simultaneously.

You can download Syncdocs from