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iSMEStorage Enables Users to Edit Documents in Over 30 Clouds Using iPad or Iphone

iSMEStorage, the popular Cloud and Local File Manager for iPad and iPhone, now supports over 30 Storage Clouds and can enable direct editing of documents in popular iOS office editors such as iWork and Office2 HD, using it’s unique CloudDav feature.

CloudDav enables a WebDav layer over any Cloud that is added to a SMEStorage Account, and works whether the underlying Cloud supports WebDav or not. This means that popular Clouds such as DropBox, Amazon S3, Google Docs, SkyDrive etc are able to be directly accessed using the WebDav protocol in popular editing Applications.

CEO Ian Osborne stated, “Users have this feature enabled for free when they purchase the iSMEStorage App, but the feature can also be separately purchased and added to a free SMEStorage Web account.”

“We find users don’t necessarily want to swap their Cloud Storage just to be able to work in the manner they desire and a big part of our platform is adding such features where they are deficient or not supported from Cloud Storage Providers.””

“We continue the same thing into the desktop and in our Cloud File Server offering for business, where we offer native Cloud Drive support for over 30 Clouds for every operating system and every major mobile platform, as well as a host of other complimentary features, such as adding FTP to any Cloud, again whether they support it or not, using our unique CloudFTP feature.”

“We also offer a free plugin for OpenOffice / Libra Office and Microsoft Office in which users can load documents on their desktop from any of 30 clouds, edit it, and then save it straight back to their Cloud of choice. This enables users to easily access and edit documents from any Cloud whether at their desktop or on the road using their favourite editing tools.”

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