rollApp Launches a Free Cloud Version of Open Office

Integrated with GoogleDocs and DropBox

rollApp Inc. announced the release of a free beta service that provides users with online editions of Open Office, integrated with GoogleDocs and DropBox. It offers SMBs and independent professionals a turn-key solution that combines rich functionality of the traditional office suites with all the benefits of cutting-edge cloud platforms: on-demand scalability, anywhere access, no install/support pain, and reduced cost.

rollApp is developing a technology which allows instant conversion of virtually any traditional software into online SaaS. Software publishers will only need to upload their existing installation packages to , to make them available for anybody to use via any standard web browser, without any installs or downloads. The look and feel and the functionality of the software running through rollApp will mirror the original.

Today rollApp’s beta program offers 10+ popular software packages, including Open Office tools for editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. rollApp plans to gradually add more applications and, once the platform is tested with the top-100 apps, will allow open submission of applications by third-party vendors (see for details).

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