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New Media Technology News

Social Networking Site For Bloggers Announced

With the increasing demand for social interaction and engagement in the blogging community, so too has the demand increased for sites to accommodate this interaction. Facebook, MySpace, and other social media / networking sites have by all means covered the territory for social interaction, sharing, and generally keeping in touch with friends and family. Blog Interact was developed as a platform for this form of engagement between bloggers.

By sharing post “excerpts” and commenting and casting votes on what registered users deem to be “popular posts”, bloggers are able to get a feel for what other blogger’s perspective is on a particular subject or category. Comments can be made on-site, or a simple casting of a vote can be made.

Unlike some other similar sites, Blog Interact will be a more all-inclusive site, covering an enormously wide range of categories and topics. From every form of media, to science and technology, to politics, there is sure to be a category for inclusion of posts by bloggers all over the world.

Registered users will also be able to follow other registered users, whether they are in their particular niche or not. Group creation will be available, furthering the availability for bloggers to interact and engage with each other. Users can follow each other, send instant messages, photo share, video stream, and much more.

Additionally, users will be able to depart the site by taking with them their own customized “interact” buttons for their blogsite. These will be available in various forms and in the java script language, with one simple line of code. This can easily be added to your custom side-bar voting widget, right alongside Twitter, Google Buzz, and Facebook.

Mid Carolina Freelance would like to give a special thanks to the web designer / developer of the site, Michal Wilkosinski. Michal is a U.K. based web programmer and site developer with super skills. He is the owner of StudioMW, and we highly recommend utilizing his services for your next web development ideas.

We strongly encourage all bloggers,writers, and readers looking for the best available content on the web to get involved in Blog Interact. Registration is free, and all links back to your site or the site you are posting from are “do follow”. The site will prove to be a powerful tool for bloggers, writers, and readers to promote themselves and drive more traffic to their site. All aboard!

Mid Carolina Freelance is the umbrella company and owner of numerous popular websites. We specialize in several aspects of internet marketing, including SEO/SEM, writing, and much more. We are product distributors and mobile app developers as well.

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