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WapStart and InMobi announce mobile advertising partnership

InMobi (, the world’s largest independent global mobile advertising network and Plus1 WapStart (, Russia’s largest mobile advertising network, announce a partnership offering InMobi advertisers access to mobile ad impressions and consumers in the Russian and CIS markets via WapStart’s 600+ million ad impressions monthly.

Through this integration, advertisers on InMobi’s network will have easy and effective access to Russian mobile ad impressions and consumers, creating a convenient point of entry for global brands into the fast-growing Russian mobile market. Russian publishers, participants in the Plus1 WapStart network, will automatically receive access to the global advertising campaigns targeted for Russia and other CIS countries through InMobi’s advertiser sales efforts in six regions and offices around the world.

Rob Jonas, VP Managing Director Europe and Middle East at InMobi commented: ” WapStart is a great addition to our partner list in over 125 countries and will improve advertiser ROI through increased consumer reach in the Russian and CIS markets. Large global brands have shown new interest in these markets and we are pleased to see WapStart joining our network. WapStart was chosen for its extensive, well-established publisher network and sophisticated platform allowing for a quick and reliable integration.”

“We’re happy to partner with the world’s largest independent mobile ad network”, comments Oleg Pavlioutchenko, Managing Partner of WapStart. “During the last year we have been integrating with prominent global players as a part of our growth strategy. The idea is simple – we want Russian publishers to have direct and easy access to world-class advertisers. This will benefit the whole Russian mobile eco-system. Most importantly, consumers will see more interesting and relevant advertising. With an improved consumer experience, publishers will benefit from higher revenue (i.e. increases in eCPM) allowing them to focus on improving content and services, which will in turn attract even more consumer attention. Finally advertisers will get access to new consumer audiences and sales. Russia is a large and untapped mobile market on the verge of explosive growth and we believe these steps will accelerate growth in the region”

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