Amzini Launches New Social Network Search Engine

Amzini announced today that they are making their extensive tools to explore and compare social networks freely available for public use. Amzini’s detailed information and multiple search options make over 900 of the best social and collaborative communities accessible. This resource provides people with a means to discover where others like them are spending their time online and provides businesses with immediate access to highly active and targeted communities of potential customers.

Social communities on Amzini are suggested by the community and are each evaluated on criteria for quality, popularity, and interaction before being accepted for inclusion. With a combination of wiki-aspects and quality control, Amzini is able to keep its service up-to-date as the social landscape constantly evolves. As a result, their users can efficiently sift through social networks without getting stuck in clutter, dead links, and signup pages. The 900 social networks featured on Amzini are visited over 7 billion times per month by over 900 million unique visitors (, and each network leverages social media to benefit its target audience.

Amzini’s core services include:

* Categorical Search – Social Networks are arranged into 160+ categories to easily narrow your area of interest
* Keyword Search – Search across all networks by keyword
* Keyword Filters – Limit search results by category, feature, or minimum user ratings
* Top 10 Lists – View 6 top ten lists based on popularity and user ratings
* Detailed Site Information – Complete feature set, popularity, company information, relevant articles, and demographics
* User Ratings and Reviews
* Create and Share Favorites Lists
* Relevant News and Resources
* Personalized Recommendations – based on your information and interaction on the site
* Amzini Blog ( – A blog leveraging Amzini’s research to create data-driven reports, guides, and social commentary

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