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Comdev Launches Apps to Create Microsites on Facebook

Comdev, known for its success in creating PHP applications to assist with website building, has gone one step further with its latest series of apps which allow businesses to use a Facebook page as a platform through which to create and publish comprehensive web content or even operate an e-commerce store.

With more than 500 million users worldwide – at least 50% of whom log on daily – Facebook boasts a member roster of a quarter of the global Internet community. Although designed for social use only, the popular social networking site has quickly evolved into more than just a platform to share daily updates. Facebook is now one of the predominant social marketing tools used by businesses across the globe.

Comdev’s Facebook Apps allow users to create customized welcome tabs using a WYSIWYG editor, even if the user has no knowledge of HTML. Additional tabs and sub-tabs can also be easily created to publish other content such as products, services, company information and more. There is also the option for businesses to use the Online Store app to enable customers to shop on Facebook and then ‘share’ their purchases on their profiles.

Other apps available in Comdev’s Facebook series include client networks (first of its kind), notifications, enquiry forms, subscription forms (which include a tool for online payment), image galleries and blogs.

“We are creating Facebook Apps that enable businesses to monetize Facebook, increasing their social network presence, connecting with clients and building a database of prospective buyers with viral effects,” said Bryan Gan, founder and CEO of Comdev. “Businesses will always flock to a place where many people gather.”

Bryan Gan encourages web designers to expand their services by providing custom-made Facebook page design services to maximize the marketing benefits of social networking for businesses.

Facebook Apps are free; sign up at

About Comdev:
Since 2002, Comdev has provided PHP application scripts for web designers to create database-driven websites, such as content management systems, e-commerce systems, news publisher, blogs, photo albums, newsletters, events calendar, form designer, helpdesks and more.


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