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2009 BlogWorld New Media Expo to Explore Social Media

Organizers of the 2009 BlogWorld & New Media Expo, which will gather the leading voices of social media in Las Vegas from October 15 to 17, announced today a panel to explore the need for standards and ethics in social media, particularly in the area of public journalism and political opinion. The panel, devoted to The Future of Journalism, will feature CNN anchor Don Lemon; award-winning critic, NYU journalism professor and PressThink blog author Jay Rosen; conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt; and Current TV COO Joanna Drake Earl.
As online content, developed and published by self-described citizen journalists, has grown exponentially over the past year, it has also established itself as the originator of misinformation, distortions and accusations often picked up and given a wider audience by a mainstream media scrambling to feed a 24-hour news cycle, as well as bitterly divided partisan politicians looking to gain political traction.

“From the Obama birth certificate controversy, to rumors of FEMA concentration camps, to the death panel claims made by Sarah Palin on her Facebook account, to accusations of 9/11 cover-ups—all were spread online and then widely disseminated by mainstream media, often as substitute for serious discussion of issues such as health care reform and foreign policy that could undercut the profit motives of corporate owners and sponsors,” said Brian Solis new media analyst and architect and author of Putting the Public Back in Public Relations and the PR 2.0 blog.

“At times encouraged and supported by well-funded think tanks and then broadcast globally by television news stations or e-mailed to extensive subscriber lists, online content is disseminated faster than regulations can be legislated, and even faster than any specific corrections or examinations can be offered,” he continued.

Despite many examples of devoted and highly disciplined citizen reporters, can online content even be called journalism if it continues to lack basic standards? And given the increasing revelations of controversial and high profile inaccuracies of a press imbedded with political and corporate interests, does online content even want to be called journalism? As comedy shows become more trusted than mainstream news outlets, and newspapers suffer cutbacks and closings all over the country, what role does online content now play—and what ethical responsibilities should it abide by?

While Twitter, blogs and other platforms for self-publishing are rivaling traditional media, what is the role of journalism in the era of the real-time, “now” Web? As social media lowers the barriers to entry, empowering individuals to emerge as pundits and experts, is it also lowering the standards of investigation, fact checking and due-diligence? These far-reaching and difficult questions will be paramount at the 2009 BlogWorld & New Media Expo’s Future of News panel. Brian Solis will lead a discussion with leading authorities on the subject including Jay Rosen of NYU’s journalism department, Don Lemon of CNN, Salem Radio Network host and social conservative Hugh Hewitt, and Current TV COO Joanna Drake Earl.

“BlogWorld & New Media Expo has no interest in shying away from tough questions or heated debate,” said Rick Calvert, CEO and co-founder. “We are in uncharted territory in terms of democratized content creation and its influence, and there is no better place to have this conversation about the need for standards, accountability and ethics.”

Now in its third year, the BlogWorld & New Media Expo is dedicated to promoting and supporting the dynamic industry of blogging and new media as a mainstream news source, the most powerful and effective means of online communication and as a highly targeted and traceable advertising medium. BlogWorld attendees are aggressive technology consumers and mobile professionals, as well as the world’s most influential online content creators, citizen journalists, technology consumers, marketers and online community leaders.

In 2008, BlogWorld attendees had a combined monthly audience of more than 100 million readers, viewers and listeners. For the 2009 Expo, BlogWorld anticipates more than 3,000 attendees with a reach in excess of 200 million.

BlogWorld & New Media Expo conference sponsors include Ford, Ebay, PayPal, Johnson & Johnson, Collective Bias, Rockfish Interactive, Procopio, ShareASale, Calacles Consulting and Blame Society Productions. The Light Group is title sponsor of evening parties, with Anheuser-Busch as beverage sponsor. Media partners include Alltop, Mashable, Technorati, Fast Company, MacObserver and iPodObserver, Webgrrls, WomensRadio and more. is social media scheduling sponsor. Yubby is the official video aggregator.

Additional information on BlogWorld & New Media Expo, including speaker topics, session descriptions and registration details, is available at”

About BlogWorld & New Media Expo

BlogWorld & New Media Expo is the first and only industry-wide tradeshow, conference, and media event dedicated to promoting the dynamic industry of new media, including: blogging, podcasting, social media, online video, music, TV, radio, gaming, entertainment and communities. In addition to the only industry-wide new media exhibition, BlogWorld & New Media Expo features the largest new media conference in the world, including more than 50 seminars, panel discussions and keynotes from iconic personalities on the leading-edge of online technology and internet-savvy business. The 2009 BlogWorld & New Media Expo is designed to give participants the crucial strategies, tools and technologies they need to leverage social media for publishing, broadcasting and growing brands and businesses through online presence and community engagement. More information can be found at

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