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New Media Technology News

Social Networking, New Tool for Real Estate Investors

This week on Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us, the spotlight was turned to one of the hottest topics in popular culture, social networking. Twitter and Facebook have quickly become common lexicons in conversations throughout the US. With the explosion in their usage many businesses have found it hard to ignore the potential that lies in these online giants.

Hosts Judson Voss and Allison McArthur shared tips for real estate investors to increase their business’ effectiveness by utilizing these sites, in particular Twitter. “One of the most powerful things Twitter provides for new investors is a way to network with local industry professionals without having to speak in person.” said Judson. He went on to explain that many new investors are intimidated by the thought of having to speak with realtors and ask them to provide real estate offerings that may be good investments. Twitter and other social networking sites provide a way to reach out without having to pick up the phone or meet in person at first.

Allison explained, “By searching locally for realtors, attorneys, accountants, mortgage brokers and other investors you can network with literally hundreds of other people without having to go across town to meetings.” This increases the efficient use of your time while still making this important connections to build and support your real estate investing business.

Future episodes of Get Real will include more useful tips for building and creating social networks to help small real estate investing businesses.

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