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New Version of Social Networking Script, iSocial Lite 1.0.5 Available

This morning Agriya Infoway, a global vendor of social networking script announced the release of iSocial Lite 1.0.5, the latest version of their powerful social networking software. The latest version is packed with exciting features focusing users’ security and banner management.

Social networking sites have become the home of automated systems commonly referred to as spambots from where they can easily collect contact details of thousands of users to send spam. To get rid of this issue, some developers have come up with a new way called Captcha to safeguard the site from spambots. iSocial Lite has integrated Captcha in the login page to avoid computers from accessing the isocial site. Hence users’ security is ensured.

iSocial Lite is powered by a powerful photo capturing software called Mugshot which enables users to capture whatever they see exactly on their computer screen through a webcam. This is a smart feature that has the capacity to attract and retain users on the site for a long period. In the latest version, the isocial Lite application has upgraded to Mugshot version 2 enriched with features. Therefore, users can have more fun and with the latest version of Mugshot.

The Facebook connect feature is one of the welcomed features in iSocial Lite through which Facebook users can access the isocial site without registration. In the earlier version, an issue was encountered when a user tried to access the iSocial site through the fConnect button. The issue is fixed in the latest release, and iSocial Lite users can now upgrade to the latest version to get rid of this issue.

Most webmasters rely on social networking sites for making money through banner ads. In this version, the banner management module in the admin panel is set up to help admin add and manage banners with ease.

“We work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs and expectations are constantly met. The latest release of iSocial Lite is purely based on the client feedbacks” said Mr.Aravind, the CTO of Agriya Infoway, “We are confident that the latest version of iSocial Lite will satisfy them.”

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