Agriya release new version of iSocial

Nowadays social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc are receiving a lot of attention from the current generation as they allow them to create a profile, view others’ profiles, make contact with people around the globe, visit forums and build their own network based on a number of different criteria. You can now create a buzz like those social networking sites among people by starting a smart networking site using our iSocial application.
Although our Isocial team has developed the perfect script to launch a smart social networking site, some of our valuable customers have faced minor troubles when using the script. In order to help our customers, we have fixed the issues in the iSocial script in a fairly short period of time and released it as a brand new version named iSocial 1.0.5.
CSS will allow you to control over different elements like links in your website. In the new version of iSocial, our developers have fixed the CSS issue in both the member and admin side and help you save a lot of time, particularly when maintaining a large site.
We know that photo capturing is one of the favorite features of networking people but many competitors are failed to incorporate the feature currently. With our latest version of iSocial, you can use this opportunity to pull away users from your competitors’ site by offering photo capturing feature. iSocial in now integrated with one of our hot running scripts known as Mugshot, a photo capturing tool. Starting today, your users can capture pictures of themselves like a professional using their webcam and share them with their friends and family.
One of the main features in iSocial is the Facebook connect. In the previous version, some of our customers felt some difficulty while logging into the iSocial site using their Facebook account. From this moment, they can sign in the iSocial site smoothly using their Facebook account.
Also our developers have made a lot of changes in the admin and member side of iSocial and released it as a new version.
“We are very excited to release this new version to the marketing world. We hope this brand new version will turn our enquiries into sales” said Ms, Sheerin, the vice president of Agriya.
Agriya Infoway is a Chennai based Web Development Company that sells scripts that can be bought by webmasters to build sites under various categories. It is currently offering a new version of iSocial 1.0.5.

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