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New Social Network Inspires DIYers

A new way to engage in DIY (do-it-yourself) social networking began May, 2009, when founder Aaron Price launched (pronounced “wid-wee” and stands for What I Did With It). No longer content to be constrained with the existing restrictive social network websites, Price’s breaks the straightjacket-template-mold and allows users to post before and after pictures of their projects discussions and forums.

From remodeling your kitchen to restoring a Harley Davidson motorcycle to refurbishing your old Buick; From turning your fire escape into a garden to handy arts & crafts woodworking projects, is a unique network, bringing people together with similar interests to show off what they did with their projects. The oldest Amazon Kindle owner in the world is showcased on

widwi encourages users to talk about mistakes others should avoid as well as best vendors for supplies. widwi is the brainchild of Aaron Price, New Jersey native, who collaborated with a software developer and graphic designer, both of whom he met through craigslist.

Growing up in a DIY family, Price recognized the community that forms around a hobby. Price’s uncle always took him to car shows. His dad took him to home, garden, and train shows. Says Price, “I was fascinated with the passion of people talking about their projects.”

widwi users post before and after pictures of projects, receive feedback, and inspiration from other users on the site. Prior to, Price founded effordables where he learned about the nature of motorcycle and eBay communities.

Comments Price, “People love to talk about their success and failures, show off their bikes and projects, or just be happy to connect around an eBay selling success story.”

Thus was born the inspiration for, where people share their
projects with the world. is the newest way for the online DIY community to show off what they do.

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