Social Networking Site Providing Powerful Tools For Collective Action

Amazee is an internet platform that empowers individuals and organizations to initiate and promote their ideas and plans in projects, to find like-minded people and raise funds. Amazee is the global action network! Examples of successful projects on Amazee are: Building an IT learning center in Sri Lanka, planning meetings of internet entrepreneurs in Zurich or ensuring the complete supply with running water in a small South African village.
Amazee is built for globally-minded activists who want to use the web for collective action. Thus their goals become projects on Amazee and these projects come to life.
Each project on Amazee has its online publication medium: the project magazine. Via an intuitive interface users can add a large variety of so called widgets to these magazines. Among many other things there are gallery, blog and event planning widgets which can be combined into a very attractive package. Amazee provides interfaces for the most important online platforms. Projects can be embedded in other places and therefore spread virally – for example on the Iphone or on Facebook.
The collaboration of members in projects on Amazee is being empowered by different state-of-the-art tools such as calendars, discussion boards, polls and chats, event planning modules etc. The networking of users on Amazee happens via projects and common goals. A “Livestream” informs all members about the latest activites and supports a lively exchange among these members.

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