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Mikogo Remote Desktop Software for Linux Open Beta Release

The renowned remote desktop sharing application, Mikogo, makes the move to its third platform with the announcement of its native Linux client. This release now enables businesses to host and join free desktop sharing sessions from any three of the major platforms – Linux, Windows and Mac computers.

Mannheim, GERMANY – The free desktop sharing application, Mikogo, today releases the first open beta version of its software for Linux computers enabling users on Linux computers to start or join desktop sharing sessions. A significant milestone for Mikogo and desktop sharing as whole, this release now provides businesses with a free and easy-to-use application for online meetings, web presentations as well as remote support sessions, available on the three major operating system platforms.

For the last two weeks, the Mikogo Linux version has been in a closed beta stage, as it was thoroughly tested by a group of beta testers. Following positive feedback and a successful closed stage, Mikogo releases its new software openly making it available for any individual or business looking to start or join online meetings from a Linux computer.

“The addition of a native Linux client to Mikogo now means that businesses can both start and join online meetings from any of the three major platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux,” says Mark Zondler, the Co-Founder and Creator of Mikogo. “Many of our users requested this not only for themselves but for their clients who also use Linux, so it will broaden the use of Mikogo within companies around the world.”

Linux users can now visit the Mikogo website and download the free Linux application to their computers. Upon opening the program, they are presented with the new-look Mikogo user interface and are able to host a desktop sharing session as well as invite meeting attendees to join from either a Linux, Windows, or Mac computer. The new Linux client also enables people to join a session from a Linux computer, which was started on either one of the three available platforms for Mikogo.

By building the Linux client on the latest release of the Mikogo software, Version 4, provides the software with a wide range of features, including switch presenter, remote keyboard/mouse control, file transfer, chat, scheduler, recording, profile manager, and software customization, just to name a few.

This most recent achievement strengthens the already renowned remote desktop application, however is far from the end for Mikogo’s product developments. “We have plans to soon release mobile apps for our software along with further software developments in the pipeline,” explains Zondler.

The open beta release of the Mikogo Linux software can be downloaded for free from:

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