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Mikogo Offers Free Online Meeting Alternative

The free online meeting provider used in over 200 countries, Mikogo, is welcoming all Dimdim customers to its service as the new source for free and reliable online meetings. The sudden news came yesterday that Dimdim has been acquired by and that subscriptions to the online meeting service will end, some as early as March 15 this year. Thousands of businesses will be looking for an online meeting alternative, and Mikogo believes that it has the right service to meet those needs.

Dimdim always promoted the use of their service for free, and the news that its service will end could lead customers to highly-priced web meeting providers. This has led Mikogo to speak up and welcome Dimdim customers to its free online meeting service.

Since 2007, Mikogo has been making a strong name for itself in the world of online collaboration. There are now over half-a-million registered Mikogo users who participate in millions of free desktop sharing sessions each year for online meetings, web presentations and remote support. With such experience in providing its web collaboration solution to the Mikogo user base, Dimdim users will be welcomed and presented with an easy-to-use solution for their upcoming meetings.

“Our compatriots at Dimdim did a fantastic job at promoting the use of free online meetings compared to paying the larger web collaboration corporations, such as WebEx™ and GoToMeeting™, for their services,” says Mark Zondler, Mikogo’s Managing Director and Co-Founder. “But they have been presented with a great offer by, so it’s no surprise that they have accepted and gone down this path. However we know that users of online meeting software become very dependent upon such a service for their daily work. Hence we would like to welcome all Dimdim users to use Mikogo, and can assure them a high-quality and reliable service for their online meetings.”

In fact, Dimdim users are already talking about Mikogo. David Riecks from Illinois wrote on Twitter: “Good thing I found @Mikogo yesterday, as I just got a note that has been acquired by and free accounts close March 15!”

More info about Mikogo is available at

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