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ISPreview Survey Reveals Unhappy UK Internet Users

The results from 491 respondents to’s latest survey have revealed that 45% of UK consumers are unhappy with their current Internet Service Provider, with almost one third (31%) planning to switch ISPs in 2011 (another 32.5% were undecided).

Most of the problems appear to stem from displeasure at broadband speeds and support quality, with 36% rating their provider’s internet connection speed as “Poor” and 26% giving the same verdict for Customer Support. Just 36% of consumers said they had no plans to switch ISPs this year.

“It’s deeply disappointing to see that consumer satisfaction with mainstream ISPs is still so extremely low,” remarked’s Founder, Mark Jackson. “Just 37% felt that their broadband speed was ‘Good’ and an even lower 35% gave the same opinion for ‘Customer Support.’ Clearly ISPs need to work a lot harder to keep customers happy and combat churn. We predict that the situation will improve as faster and more reliable superfast broadband services slowly become widely available between now and 2015.

“However the advertising of so-called ‘unlimited’ usage deals will face tighter regulation this year, as should broadband speeds. ISPs will also be required to adapt to a raft of new laws (e.g. to combat unlawful file sharing). The result of all these changes could cause some prices to climb in 2011, which would be an unwelcome but perhaps unavoidable move on top of the current VAT hike,” concluded Jackson.

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