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Pix4D Cloud Service Makes 3D Models from Aerial Photos

The Pix4D project can stitch together patchworks of photos, thereby generating three-dimensional (3D) models on the cheap, reports Smartertechnology..

“Cloud-based services are enabling fast, cheap, large-scale three-dimensional models of almost any landscape. The models are generated from easy-to-obtain aerial photos from drones—unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Pix4D cloud service accepts a stream of related photos from which it generates a 3D model in as little as 30 minutes. The service not only automatically generates the 3D maps, but also adds points of interest that can be cataloged by users. To demonstrate the service, Pix4D took 50,000 photos of its host city—Lausanne, Switzerland—and created the world’s highest-resolution 3D model of the city. The Pix4D user interface then allows users to navigate to any location in the city and view it from any orientation.”

Pix4D hands free image processing:

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