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New Media Technology News

Read Twitter as a Newspaper

At the LIFT10 Conference (May 5-7), SmallRivers will present its new service:, a web application to read Twitter as a newspaper. It offers users a new way to interact with Twitter, enabling a fast and efficient manner to browse the hundreds of links shared daily by any group of Twitter users. is developed by SmallRivers. Using its state-of-the-art social analysis engine, extracts contextually relevant information from the perspective of a unique user. It then presents the information in a newspaper-style format, including videos, photos, article titles and summaries. By matching information relevancy between users, also enables the discovery of like-minded people.

Soft launched beginning of April, already generates an overwhelming positive interest from its first several thousand users. Valuable feedback has been received, helping us to define future enhancements to the application.

SmallRivers is a privately held startup incorporated in Switzerland (Lausanne) and located on the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL) campus (Scientific Park).

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