Pogoplug Team. Turn Any Office Computer Into Private, Multi-user Cloud Storage

Pogoplug, creators of Personal Cloud hardware and software that allow users to host their own cloud storage at home, announced today that they are expanding their product line with a brand new cloud storage solution optimized for small to medium-sized businesses and teams within large organizations. The new product, called “Pogoplug Team,” is delivered via software that can be downloaded onto any existing office or home computer to empower small teams to access files remotely and back up and share work files securely and privately. The product is completely customizable to fit the company’s needs and requires no new hardware. All files remain securely on the office computer: not on third party servers.

Pogoplug Team features include:
• Easy setup

o Install Pogoplug Team software on an office computer or file server. No
network configuration necessary.

• Access all files from any device, anywhere

o Quick and secure access from any computer, Web browser, mobile
device or tablet.

• Share and collaborate on files with anyone inside or outside the company.

o Send large files and folders instantly-no upload required.

Customizable, branded interface

o Customize the Pogoplug Web interface and emails to match your
brand. Share files with clients from a branded interface.
Secure, on-site storage for files

o Files remain secure and private on-premise rather than using 3rd-party
hosted storage.

Mobile and PC backup to office computer

o Automatically back up files and folders from a PC or mobile device
(iPhone, iPad or Android device) to folders on the office computer.
Unlimited storage expansion

o Expand as your business grows-add as much storage as you need with
no additional fees.

Pogoplug corp site: www.pogoplug.com
Pogoplug blog: http://blog.pogoplug.com