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New Social Networking Website

A new website called hopes to change the world by forcing good behavior from people and businesses through free flow of information, shaming for bad behavior, and celebration of good behavior. The site concept is simple and easily understandable.

Good people know what good behavior is. Some people either do not know or just don’t care. Bad people are everywhere. This is getting old. They lie, cheat, and mislead. They are rude, selfish, inconsiderate, etc. supports a novel concept, which is that all people should be good!

What about stupid people? You encounter them everyday. Are they really that dumb or do they just not care? Who knows, but there is one thing we can count on, and that is that bad and stupid people will most likely continue to do bad and stupid things until the facts of their actions are brought to light. Even then this type of person is likely to deny wrong doing at first, but once they see enough users submitting reports, they will eventually be forced to take responsibility for their actions and hopefully then change for the better.

The simple solution that provides for our world is a central clearinghouse where users submit detailed reports about a person, company, or other entity with which they have experiences and/or opinions. In the report users identify a person like in a police or credit report, so that other users can be sure who the person is, and users then describe events and opinions that motivated them to submit the report.

Other users can immediately search for reports, review them, and communicate with the report author via’s Anonymous Email System if they want to ask questions about the report and find out more about the report author’s experiences and opinions regarding the report subject.

Uses for the website are wide-ranging, from reporting a corrupt politician, someone that owes you money, a person that beats their wife, to someone that is wearing a bad tie. The beauty is that users remain anonymous and can communicate anonymously via the website about the report subject to share additional information.

Users who have encountered someone in the past that they would like to warn others about should take a few minutes to submit a detailed report. If users know someone who is great, they should submit a report about them too. offers free registration which only requires an email address and password. Registered users can submit unlimited reports, which become instantly viewable by other users worldwide. Free users also receive limited access to the site’s Daily Searching System, which performs user-defined searches on a daily basis and emails the results, so that users can quickly become aware of new reports that are posted. Searching for and reviewing reports does not require registration, but use of the site’s Anonymous Email System and Daily Searching System requires a paid membership. has begun marketing efforts worldwide. Although only necessarily 100% legal in The United States, the pages are translated via Google Translation so that non-English speaking Internet users can avail themselves of the website. The website has both free and pay-for-use components, similar to a dating site, and aims to be like police reports and credit reports, but to be for use by regular people. plans to connect with social networks and includes viral marketing components that it hopes will assist in spreading the word so that bad behavior can be eradicated once and for all.

The website includes detailed FAQ, Legal, Rules, Uses, and How-To sections.

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