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Fast Feedback Launches Social Feedback Tool

Fast Feedback ( is a service for the individual looking to get feedback on just about anything they are working on. Users can be a part of a big or small organization or without affiliation. Feedback can be gained on things like a website, blog, video, product, event or customer and market research. Custom Feedback forms can be created and dropped onto a website, blog, email or social network in minutes. Fast Feedback provides code snippets that will create a button on any site or short URLs for direct access from Twitter or social networks.

“There are a lot of survey tools and form builders available today, but what is missing is a tool that is very fast, flexible, and affordable, if not free. We designed Fast Feedback to fill this need. For example, if someone in a company wants to get feedback on a new website design or the upcoming company outing, they won’t want to spend the time learning sophisticated tools or committing to large monthly fees. They want to take 10-15 minutes, create the feedback form, share with their audience, and view the responses,” said founder John McBreen.

“Similar services such as Kampyle or UserVoice are great for large sites with a lot of users and a lot of responses. But they are impractical and costly for a low volume site or someone who just wants to find out what their friends think about their new blog or YouTube video.”

Fast Feedback goal is to enable the individual contributor to gain feedback from peers, prospects and customers, believing that feedback is invaluable and shouldn’t be difficult or costly to initiate. Fast Feedback provides easy to use tools to create custom feedback forms, share them quickly in various ways, and stores responses in a secure database where customers can view and analyze the information.

Fast Feedback, located in Waltham, MA, is a SaaS offering with a free version and pay plans starting as low as $15 per month. The product is in Public Beta. Find out more or signup at

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