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First iPhone Social Networking App to Have Free ‘Phone’ Calls

myRete is announcing WhosHere 2.0. The WhosHere 2.0 marquee new feature is WhosHere Voice. As long as both parties have a Wi-Fi connection, WhosHere Voice allows our 750,000 users to call any other user for free. The recipient does not even have to be in the app to take a WhosHere call.

There are two unique components of WhosHere Voice. First, each user controls who has permission to call them. Second, users do not give out any personal information to make or receive a call. Users do not have to give out a phone number, email or IM address to use WhosHere Voice. It ensures users all the privacy they desire to have on a caller-by-caller basis.

WhosHere Voice uses Apple’s iPhone SDK to create a Voice Over IP (VOIP) connection and completely avoids the mobile phone networks. As such, WhosHere users will not see any long-distance, roaming or international mobile phone charges.

Additionally, WhosHere Voice works on the iPod touch 2G further enhancing the utility of an already great device.

Bryant Harris, myRete CEO, said of WhosHere 2.0, “We are thrilled that we have accomplished two significant events in the social networking space. First, we have given our users unique and compelling feature; free, in-app calls without having to give out any personal information. Second, we have done something brand new on the iPhone and iPod touch; creating a social network that goes beyond texts and images to one where real-time voice conversations can happen.”

WhosHere 2.0 includes: *Requires an iPhone or iPod touch 2G and both parties to have a Wi-Fi connection ** Requires OS 3.0 or higher

WhosHere is a social proximity networking application that enables users to meet fri, potential dates or network through an exceptionally simple interface. WhosHere will show you matches that are near you or anywhere in the world based on your answers to a few questions about yourself and who you are interested in meeting. It takes the chance out of the chance encounter. When you find someone you want to talk with, you can send unlimited, free text and image messages to them, and make and receive free calls; all within the WhosHere application.

WhosHere runs on Apple’s iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S and iPod touch and is available for free download on Apple’s iTunes App Store and can easily be found at Users of WhosHere can find online help at and on YouTube ( About myRete™

About WhosHere and myRete, Inc. WhosHere has approximately 750,000 users. Over 425 million free text messages and 11.5 million free images have been sent via WhosHere.

myRete, Inc. was founded in March 2008 with the singular focus of bringing an exceptional proximity networking experience to the iPhone and its millions of users. myRete’s product line includes the WhosHere client and WhosHere application server. Rete is Italian for “network”. Offices: San Mateo, CA and Alexandria, VA.

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