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New Media Technology News

Google AdWords Mobile Call Tracking and

Google AdWords will now let you track calls made from mobile devices to your business after users have clicked the phone number on your website.

“AdWords call metrics (currently available to US and Canada customers) allows you to easily measure phone calls originating from your ads. We will assign and display a custom phone number (a unique Google forwarding number that is dynamically generated for each ad group) in your ads on both mobile and desktop devices. Calls to this number will be rerouted to your business phone number. As with basic call extensions, the forwarding phone number will be clickable on high-end mobile devices with full Internet browsers capable of making phone calls.”

Google, Ipsos, and the Mobile Marketing Association launched a resource at to help users pinpoint how consumers are using smartphones.

“Mobile Planet provides insights into smartphone usage and mobile attitudes. Use it to create custom charts that will deepen your understanding of the mobile consumer and support data driven decisions in your mobile strategy.”

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