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InformationWeek Launches New ffwdPlayer on Facebook® Platform

ffwd (pronounced “fast forward”), an audience powered platform for video content navigation and discovery, and InformationWeek, the leading multimedia business technology brand, announced today the availability of TechWebTV videos on Facebook through the ffwdPlayer application. Built on the ffwd and Facebook Platforms, the application will publish new video to the News Feed on the Fan Page for InformationWeek, using the TechWebTV Brightcove feed, as well as maintaining an always up-to-date Videos tab on the page. The announcement furthers ffwd’s mission to simplify the connection between video content creators and their audience. To see the TechWebTV implementation in action, please go to the InformationWeek Facebook Fan Page:
“We’d been searching for an application that would allow us to easily import our video content to our social network fan pages and the ffwdPlayer is the perfect solution,” said Fritz Nelson, Executive Producer of TechWebTV. “The InformationWeek Facebook Fan Page now has a live feed of streaming TechWebTV video content that creates a richer fan experience; and most importantly, ffwd’s application allows our fans to stay on Facebook without missing any breaking technology news.”

“Before ffwd, there was a surprising void in the market for tools enabling video content creators and publishers to make the transition to social media,” said Patrick Koppula, CEO of ffwd. “Our goal with InformationWeek was to help them maximize their brand and create a rich, multimedia presence for their fans on social networks. The result is the easiest way to leverage existing video content in a social media environment for any creator or publisher.”

Video has proven to dramatically increase user engagement and transform Facebook’s opt-in model for marketing into a disruptive opportunity for brands, such as InformationWeek, to create a totally new kind of television – social television. To install a beta version of the free application and experience the software, go to After installation, page managers tell the application where on the web the existing video collection resides and it will automatically and continually pull from that collection to create a live feed on your Facebook page. Initially, ffwd will support videos hosted at YouTube, Brightcove, or included in the mRSS formats, but will soon support over 5000 other video sources.

About ffwd

For people who enjoy short-form digital entertainment and want unlimited choice and power over their experience, ffwd ( is your personal remote control for the interactive video web that makes navigating your options as simple as channel surfing and more powerful than search. Freeing you from the information overload of the web and “one-size-fits-all” approach of the cable companies, ffwd offers audiences a personalized adaptive lineup of channels organized by the entire web video audience and available from any web-enabled device. ffwd was founded in 2007 and has headquarters in San Francisco, California.

About InformationWeek Business Technology Network

The InformationWeek Business Technology Network ( provides business technology executives with unique perspective, market leading research and innovative tools that work in lock step with their work flow – from defining and framing business technology objectives through to the evaluation and recommendation of specific solutions. The InformationWeek Business Technology Network delivers the entire market, from SMBs with to large-scale global companies with InformationWeek. We scale across the most critical technology categories in the market — security with, storage with, application architecture with, network architecture with and cloud computing with Through its multi-media platform and unique content-in-context information distribution system, the InformationWeek Business Technology Network provides trusted information developed both by editors and real world CIO/IT professionals delivered how and when business technology executives want it, 24/7.

About TechWeb

TechWeb (, the global leader in business technology media, is an innovative business focused on serving the needs of technology decision-makers and marketers worldwide. TechWeb produces the most respected and consumed media brands in the business technology market. Today, more than 13.3 million* business technology professionals actively engage in our communities created around our global face-to-face events such as Interop, Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0, Black Hat and VoiceCon; online resources such as the, Light Reading, Intelligent Enterprise,, and The Financial Technology Network; and the market leading, award-winning InformationWeek, TechNet Magazine, MSDN Magazine, and Wall Street & Technology magazines. TechWeb also provides end-to-end services ranging from next-generation performance marketing, integrated media, market research, and analyst services. TechWeb is a division of United Business Media, a global provider of news distribution and specialist information services with a market capitalization of more than $2.5 billion.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

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