Greenfield Online Launches New Corporate Website

Greenfield Online, Inc., (Nasdaq: SRVY) a global interactive media and services company, today announced the launch of a new corporate website to provide visitors, particularly shareholders, global clients, as well as current and prospective employees, a more balanced view of the global corporation and the businesses that make it successful.

“This new corporate site delivers high level, balanced information about both of our very important business segments – comparison shopping solutions and Internet survey solutions right from one corporate website,” stated Albert Angrisani, President and Chief Executive Officer. “In addition to providing a more complete view of our overall business and our objectives, strategies and key assets – shareholders, clients and interested parties can then drill down via direct links to learn more about the specific business segment that interests them.”

The Greenfield Online Internet survey solutions business has a new homepage URL, which is now The look and feel of this website is the same. In addition, the Internet survey solutions business has launched and expects to continue to add, several in-language websites to make the Internet experience more attractive for clients and prospects. Interested parties can also click through to get directly to the Ciao Surveys website. The panelist community site remains the same at

The Ciao comparison shopping solutions business is now featured on the homepage of Greenfield Online, Inc. In addition, there is a direct link from to the comparison shopping business segment’s home page,, as well as to the various comparison shopping websites.

This “re-launch” of presents a more complete view of Greenfield Online, Inc. to all constituents who are interested in learning about the company, and enables us to deliver tailored content for each of the specific business units we support.

About Greenfield Online, Inc.

Greenfield Online, Inc. is a global interactive media and services company that collects consumer attitudes about products and services, enabling consumers to reach informed purchasing decisions about the products and services they want to buy; and helping companies better understand their customer in order to formulate effective product marketing strategies. Proprietary, innovative technology enables us to collect these opinions quickly and accurately, and to organize them into actionable form. For more information, visit Through our Ciao comparison shopping portals we gather unique and valuable user-generated content in the form of product and merchant reviews. Visitors to our Ciao portals use these reviews to help make purchasing decisions and we derive revenue from this Internet traffic via e-commerce, merchant referrals, click-throughs, and advertising sales. For more information or to become a member, visit Through our Greenfield Online and Ciao Surveys websites and affiliate networks, we collect, organize and sell consumer opinions in the form of survey responses to marketing research companies and companies worldwide. For more information, visit To take a survey, go to