Chrome browser now top browser

Don Reisinger writing on cnet reports ” Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer last week to become the world’s most popular browser. According to the data the company compiled, during the week of May 14 to May 20, Chrome secured 32.76 percent market share, compared to Microsoft’s 31.94 percent,” based on stats from StatCounter.

Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer, according to StatCounter. (Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

“Still, it’s important to note that StatCounter’s method of counting data is slightly different than those from other analytics firms. StatCounter counts raw page views, but doesn’t correct its data for geographic differences between global browsing patterns and its own network usage. StatCounter only recently started removing prerendered pages which are not viewed from its stats.

Despite its worldwide success, Chrome still has a ways to go to catch Internet Explorer in the U.S. In fact, StatCounter’s data shows that the week Chrome overtook Internet Explorer, Google’s browser held just 23.83 percent market share, compared to Microsoft’s 37.81 percent. Chrome’s success appears to have come in large part from Europe, where the browser outpaced Internet Explorer by more than 1 percentage point.”

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