OgilvyOne China offers new ways to keep in touch with consumers

. June 5, 2009 . 0 Comments

OgilvyOne China has announced the addition of OBuzz and the Ogilvy Digital Lab to its arsenal of digital tools that will help marketers to better understand, reach and interact with Chinese consumers online and on the go.

OBuzz: The Ogilvy Digital Influence Solution
Jointly developed by OgilvyOne and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, OBuzz is a powerful new Internet Word-of-Mouth (iWOM) tracking system that enables efficient, real-time monitoring and measurement of online conversations across Chinese social media including BBS, forums, blogs and Web 2.0 sites.

The proprietary technology solution, which has already been deployed for clients in China including adidas, Intel and GSK, crawls thousands of blogs and social media sites to give marketers an unadulterated glimpse of discussions around their brands and competitors, as well as an instantaneous view on consumer sentiment related to a product or category.

Armed with this knowledge, marketers are empowered to shift from a reactive to a more proactive marketing response by engaging consumers in timely, relevant and meaningful conversations that drive greater brand affinity – and importantly, stretch marketing budgets and enhance overall program effectiveness.

Chris Reitermann, President of OgilvyOne China and Ogilvy & Mather Group Shanghai, said, “Marketing today is all about engagement. With OBuzz marketers have the ability to constantly be at the pulse of consumer sentiment. This allows us to not only react to positive and negative buzz, but to anticipate, preempt and become a meaningful and relevant part of the conversation. This is particularly crucial in China where online opinions have a major impact on a brand’s reception in the market.”

Statistics from a November 2005 GMI Poll support this claim as 40% of Chinese netizens cite WOM as a leading purchase influencer, a significantly higher percentage than in other countries. This is particularly important in the context of an economic downturn as consumers are being much more careful with their spending and are relying more than ever on the opinions of others when making purchasing decisions.

Scott Kronick, President of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide/China and Ogilvy & Mather Group Beijing, added, “From a pure cost perspective, OBuzz helps marketers to get the most out of their communications budgets by enabling on-the-fly campaign optimization, detecting crisis signals that avert potential PR crises and allowing marketers to integrate powerful consumer insights into marketing programs that will be more effective as a result.”

For a first look at OBuzz, please visit: http://www.obuzz.com.cn.


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