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Canon RF 16mm F2.8 STM Lens

Offering a wide angle and aperture, the RF 16mm F2.8 STM is a versatile lens that is well suited to vlogging as well as a number of genres of photography, such as group photos, environmental portraits and architecture. The first ultra-wide angle prime lens in the EOS R System, the RF 16mm F2.8 STM offers a 16mm focal length which produces an extra-wide field of view and exaggerated sense of depth.

With a wide aperture of f/2.8 this lens is great when shooting in low light such as astrophotography and for high shutter speed photography. For vloggers, these features enable them to capture higher quality footage in low light and create a shallow depth of field even at wide angles, so that subjects pop against a softened background. As a lightweight prime lens, it’s a fantastic companion for vlogging on the go. When looking for a narrower angle when shooting video, users can pair the RF 16mm F2.8 STM with EOS R cameras to shoot in APS-C crop mode to effectively turn the lens into a 25.6mm lens. Employing Canon’s STM focusing motor, the RF 16mm F2.8 STM allows for smooth, near silent focusing during video recording. Offering a minimum focusing distance of 0.13m, photographers and content creators alike can capture sharp images even when shooting from close range.

RF 16MM F2.8 STM features:
Ultra wide-angle prime lens with 16mm focal length
Wide, bright F2.8 aperture
Smooth quiet STM focusing motor
Weighs only 165g
0.13m minimum focusing distance 0.13m
Maximum magnification of 0.26x

In the box:
RF 16mm F2.8 STM
EF-43 Lens Cap
Lens Dust Cap RF

RF 16MM F2.8 STM