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Midjourney Selects Google Cloud to Power AI Creative Platform

Google Cloud announced a new partnership with Midjourney, an independent research lab that provides a platform for AI-powered creative tools for creating visual imagery with natural language interfaces. Midjourney selected Google Cloud as its infrastructure provider of choice to benefit from the company’s deep expertise in training large-scale AI models, scalability, and sustainability.

As part of the partnership, Midjourney has employed Google Cloud’s custom-developed AI accelerators, Tensor Processor Units (TPUs), to train its fourth generation AI model. In combination with Google Cloud’s GPU VMs, which run on NVIDIA GPUs, Midjourney can render the generated images on the platform with breathtaking speed. While TPUs are designed to accelerate computationally-intensive machine learning workloads, pairing them with Google Cloud GPU VMs, which have broad support for AI industry tools, uniquely enables GCP customers like Midjourney to tackle any AI workload with speed and flexibility. Google Cloud’s open approach to AI development and leadership in custom chips allows Midjourney to provide its users with a seamless creative experience based on its scalable, secure, and stable infrastructure.

Google Cloud’s commitment to sustainability was another critical factor in Midjourney’s decision to collaborate with the company. Advanced AI/ML workloads require significant compute power, and Midjourney needed a cloud partner that could help curb its energy consumption and carbon emissions. The latest generation of TPUs operate at 90% carbon-free energy in one of the most efficient data centers in the world1.

“As AI opens the door for innovation across industries, companies like Midjourney are choosing Google Cloud to take advantage of our open, flexible, and performant infrastructure, which runs with incredible scale and efficiency,” said Amin Vahdat, VP/GM Systems and Services Infrastructure, Google Cloud. “We are excited to see the Midjourney community create impressive imagery thanks to our industry-leading offerings.”

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