Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM

Cloudflare, Inc, the security, performance, and reliability company helping to build a better Internet, today announced the development of the Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM, the first solution that secures every packet of data leaving mobile devices. With the Zero Trust SIM that Cloudflare is developing, organizations will be able to quickly and securely connect employee devices to Cloudflare’s global network, directly integrate devices with Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform, and protect their network and employees no matter where they are working from. Additionally, Cloudflare will be launching Zero Trust for Mobile Operators, a new wireless carrier partner program that will allow any carrier to seamlessly offer their own subscribers comprehensive mobile security tools by tapping into Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform.

As organizations have become more distributed with remote working and employees bring their own device (BYOD) to work, ensuring every device employees use is secure is harder than ever. To help with this problem, most organizations use a secure agent, or application, running on an employee’s device to help secure it. However, while applications and endpoint agents are an important part of the security stack, they can’t secure all traffic across every device, and can be challenging to deploy at scale. To help fill this gap Cloudflare is developing the Zero Trust SIM, the industry’s first zero trust solution to secure mobile employee devices at the SIM level, protecting every packet of data.

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