Kanex Announces Multi Sync Keyboard

Kanex has launched a Multi Sync Keyboard reports Daniel Cooper writing on engadget.

Multi Sync Keyboard
“Kanex’s home territory is making for gear for OS X and iOS devices, so don’t be surprised to see a similar bias here. Compared to an Apple wireless keyboard, the Fn button has been replaced with an iDevice Home button, while an iOS search key sits below the right-sided shift. The company has also been required to shift around placement of the function keys to accommodate the multi-sync feature, with F1-3 being the toggles for the three Bluetooth devices, while F4 switches to the USB connection. ‘Round back you’ve got a microUSB port and a bundled lead, and the keyboard is either bus-powered or with a pair AAA batteries that’ll sit in a slot underneath. In addition to a cable and a fresh pair of batteries, the company has also included a stand that’ll prop your smartphone or tablet at 75, 69 or 63-degree angles, making it good for an impromptu work session, like drafting out this very piece.”

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The Multi-Sync is available on the Kanex website for $69 at: http://www.kanexlive.com/keyboard