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Pantech Vega R3 announced

VEGA R3 Features 5.3″ Large Screen Operable with One Hand and a Quad-Core CPU, 2,600mAh Battery & Natural IPS Pro LCD

Pantech is showing its rising confidence as Korea’s no. 2 smartphone manufacturer by introducing the Vega R3 featuring a powerful performance, a fancy UX, and luxury design in the fourth quarter, where all major competitors are showing off their best products. The company held a media day event at ‘M Stage’ near Gangnam Station in Seoul on September 24, and introduced its strategy smartphone Vega R3 (model name: IM-A850S/ 850K/ 850L). The model will be available through all 3 mobile telecommunication carriers beginning on September 25.

Pantech’s Vega R3 is equipped with 3 powerful features: a 5.3″ large screen operable with one hand and a quad-core CPU, a super battery pack allowing users extended use with peace of mind, and an IPS Pro LCD deploying naturally colored, bright and clear images.

5.3″ large screen operable with one hand… Pantech’s unique zero-bezel technology is applied

Despite having a large 5.3″ screen, Vega R3 comes in a compact size which comfortably fits into one hand.

This is enabled by Pantech’s new ‘Zero Bezel Tech’. The technology allows users to hold the smartphone and operate the screen with just one hand. It provides optimum grip for a typical Korean hand.

The front side of the Vega R3 applies the dia-cutting technique, which is used in designing high-priced accessories like watches or rings to feature an overall strong and luxury image.

Super battery pack…… Maximum capacity of 2,600mAh, fast recharging and 2 port recharger

Pantech concentrated all the capabilities of its R&D center to develop a battery allowing greatest convenience to smartphone users. Featuring the country’s largest 2,600mAh battery capacity and quickest recharging time among all smartphones available in the domestic market, the battery pack is ideal for the busy lifestyles of modern users.

Vega R3 features the large 2,600mAh capacity battery first among Korean LTE smartphones. Pantech applied Qualcomm’s quad-core SnapDragon S4 Pro to minimize current consumption and improve power efficiency. As a result, the smartphone deploys more than 360 hours of continuous standby time and 14 hours and 30 minutes of continuous calling time, the longest of all LTE smartphones.

Pantech also kept their capabilities focused on expanding battery capacity to 2,600mAh and reducing recharging time to drastically improve the utility of the smartphone. Pantech’s R&D Center applied the 2A recharger to reduce the time to fully recharge the battery to around 100 minutes. It represents a 1.6 times faster recharging time than competing products with a similar capacity which take around 3 hours. It also provides the industry’s first 2-port recharger which can recharge the smartphone and a battery simultaneously.

Perfect presentation of natural colors…… Natural IPS Pro LCD

Vega R3 features Sharp’s latest 5.3″ (Natural) IPS Pro LCD that displays natural colors with brighter and clearer images.

It also particularly creates a natural white color which reduces eye fatigue and greatly improves outdoor legibility by eliminating the difficulties of viewing the screen clearly under outdoor or bright light. Moreover, the 16:9 ratio HD (1280 X 720) resolution allows users to replay HD TV or movie contents in full screen without a black screen or image stretching.

“Pantech has had the philosophy that smartphones must be operable with one hand. Vega R3 is the realization of that philosophy. We are confident that Vega R3 provides more user friendly features than the iPhonn5,” Jun-woo Lee, VP of Pantech Business, said. He added, “With Vega R3 featuring the best specifications and functions to represent the Vega brand, we will solidify our position as the no. 2 manufacturer in the Korean market in the 4th quarter.”

Combination of Pantech’s top level technology and best parts…Leads to best performance being created

The Vega R3 is equipped with a CPU, GPU and RAM of the highest performance available. Quad-core Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 Pro features a 40% higher performance rate than the existing quad-core chip. The high performance of the CPU is backed by GPU ADRENO320 to ensure fast and smooth screen transitions. Furthermore, 2GB of RAM has been added to deploy a complete multitasking environment to execute multiple applications simultaneously.

The company has also enhanced the 13 million pixel camera it first introduced in July, first among all smartphones in Korea. Vega R3 also introduces innovative functions like ‘Best Face’, voice recognition, continuous recording, and tracking focus so that it can reliably substitute a regular digital camera.

Innovative user environmentfunctions such as text action and … Useful and joyful best face

Vega R3 provides innovative functions allowing a useful and joyful experience to the users.

1. Text Action
Text action allows handwritten content to be easily imported into e-mail, Kakao Talk, Note Pad, and messages. With the Quick Action function, users can run Quick Dial, Web search, alarm setting, and music replay with a single tap.

2. Best Face
Best Face is a function that allows multiple people take multiple pictures and select the best facial feature for each one to create a picture that can satisfy everyone.

3. Canvas Talk
Canvas Talk is a function that can send texts or images even during a voice call. It allows users to send emotive feelings that may be difficult to express verbally.

4. Emotional Bubble Message and Hand-writing Mode
Emotional Bubble Message recognizes the emotion contained in the text message to send the appropriate facial expression in a bubble. The Hand-writing mode is a sensory function allowing text messaging from hand writing.

5. Mini-window
Video and mini sketch are added to existing music, terrestrial DMB, electronic dictionary, and notepad. The video can be linked with the electronic dictionary so that a user can select a word in the subtitle during the replay of a video and quickly check its meaning. The screen size can also be freely adjusted.

6. Apps Play, Vega Cloud Live and Vega Media Live
Apps Play is an app store specializing in the game content provided by Vega. It provides popular high performance games like Modern ComPat3 and Asphalt7 for a discount or free of charge for Vega R3 users. Vega Cloud Live provides the functions like real-time synchronization of pictures and videos and smartphone personal configuration backup as well as up to 16GB of storage free of charge. For Vega R3, the ‘pad’ file created by a user can be automatically backed up to Cloud Live so that it can be reviewed anywhere and anytime. Vega Media Live is an on-screen service. Users can easily view the media content in the user’s PC from Vega R3 or smart TV with simple operation. In addition, users can download the media content to the user’s PC and search the contents of up to 5 connected PCs or smartphones simultaneously and import the music content from the user’s PC or friend’s phone into the user’s play list.