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ZTE MF10 WiFi Hub Review

Chris Davies, writing on Slashdot has published an interesting review of the ZTE MF10 WiFi Hub on Three mobile.

“Until now, the two most common options are a USB dongle, for getting a single device online, or a mobile hotspot, sharing a 3G/4G connection with a number of WiFi-tethered clients. Now UK carrier Three has launched the Three WiFi Hub (aka ZTE MF10), a compact, semi-portable way to share a USB modem’s connection with multiple wireless and wired devices.”

The router has a pair of 10/100 ethernet ports on the back. On top is a rotating USB port for your modem, as well as four indicator LEDs for power, WLAN, PPP and WPS status. The back offers two buttons – WPS for easy connections with Windows-based computers, along with power – the two ethernet ports, each with activity LEDs, and a DC power input.

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Dongle support:,/?New,Kb=Mobile,Ts=Mobile,T=Device,varset_pid=5417,varset_cid=5418,Case=obj(5410)

Three set up pages:,/?New,Kb=Mobile,Ts=Mobile,T=Device,varset_pid=5417,varset_cid=5419,Case=obj(5413)

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