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AMP Camera Announced That Records 1080p HDR Video

AMP have announced a video camera that records 1080p HDR Video.

AMP uses a patented optical engine to split the light from a single camera lens onto three digital video sensors. AMP can produce a true, high-dynamic range (HDR) image for every single frame in the video stream. And the best news is: that’s just the beginning.

A Versatile HDR Video Production System from Mike Tocci on Vimeo.

AMP captures three widely spaced exposures in order to extend the dynamic range of the camera and produce images that are as close as possible to what the human eye can experience.

AMP only stores raw data. Every electron of data captured by AMP is saved to a solid state drive (SSD) without any compression or any loss.

The camera package is no bigger than a prosumer SLR camera and weighs less than 5 lbs without a lens and works with Nikon F-Mount-compatible lenses.

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