Open Source CMS Leaders

Alan Shimel writes on Network World “Open Source CMS Dominate the Market, Who Are The Leaders?” about a new report (that you can download for free) from Water and Stone which details the share of market and other facts about 20 of the leading open source CMS players.

Report Findings include:

• The Big Three — WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal — remain ?rmly in command of the market.

• WordPress has taken the lead in brand strength after a strong growth year.

• The gap continues to narrow between .NET market leader DotNetNuke and contender Umbraco. This

continues the trend observed in the 2009 Report.

• Liferay leads the Java WCM market, though Alfresco is not far behind and in fact leads in several metrics.

• Up and coming systems to watch include: Concrete5 and Umbraco.

• Systems possibly at risk include: Textpattern and Xoops

Full article:

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