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Trailmeme Launches at DEMO Fall 2010

Trailmeme, a new web publishing technology, launched today at DEMO Fall 2010. The Web today offers users many tools to collect and share information, but there’s a noticeable lack of tools that truly make sense of that abundance of diverse content. Trailmeme gives users the ability to create and consume Web content in a more meaningful and visual way.

Developed at the Xerox Research Centre Webster, Trailmeme has been in private beta since late 2009, and is now officially opening their service to everyone as a public beta offering.

Trailmeme makes it possible for users to blaze personalized “trails” across the Web and share them with the world. Trails — visual maps of Web content — allow users to create and publish creative and personalized paths through digital content to tell a story. Readers can “walk” trails in intuitive ways, using a combination of a map-like big-picture view and a reading interface with familiar page-turning controls.
On, users can blaze and walk trails across multiple sites, using the simple browser toolbar and bookmarklet.

Web publishers can also create trails on their own WordPress sites, using the “Trailmeme for WordPress” plug-in, to easily organize and present their content in new ways. The plugin also offers one-click generation of PDF eBooks from trails. Trailmeme also pushes technical boundaries and makes pioneering use of HTML5, the emerging standard for rich Internet applications.

By turning browsing into a creative act, Trailmeme reinvigorates the Web content consumption experience for both active trail publishers and content consumers. Publishers can craft deeper, more engaging experiences for themselves and their audiences, while consumers enjoy the benefits of “guided tour” experiences shaped by the knowledge of experts on different topics.

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