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New Media Technology News

Wadja Integrates Digg and Last.FM Creating One-Stop-Shop for Social Content, a unique social network that uses labels to create people-to-topic connections, has integrated social news websites Digg and the popular Internet radio site for streaming music Last.FM allowing users to organize, archive and discuss social content in real-time.

Wadja helps users make sense of various types of social services, by separating the noise and spam from the real signal. Creating a label takes seconds and allows a user to decide whether to enable or disable targeted content from Digg or Last.FM. Only news, videos, photos, stats, charts, biographies that are directly related to his label (topic) will appear under each specific label, while filters allow the user to make further refinements on the type of information s/he will receive.

Says the CEO of Wadja, “The beauty of a labeling system is that it sorts and organizes content into easily digestible information. Imagine a way in which a user can filter all the information they need and want, and which is currently dispersed in an array of other social networks, into just one place. Your label.”

A user can enable or disable their Digg or Last.FM feeds as well as filter incoming information creating a clean, streamlined space in which a very focused concentration of information will appear. Other users can search and follow interesting label topics to view and discuss content that is directly related to their interests.

Under the popular label ‘U2 360 Tour’ for example, one can receive news, videos and photos from fans across the world, as well as interacting in live conversations with other label followers who are interested in the same topic.

The magic of labels keeps your online conversations fresh, organized and up to date. Wadja’s unique social and mobile networking services help users create instant topic-oriented conversations using labels. Labels are an excellent way to find, organize and manage social media content and also help reduce the ‘noise’ of real-time information.

Labels enable the creation of communities that come together through their common interests, hobbies and activities. Wadja creates personal, customized, label “tags” and opens up a whole new world of messaging. Wadja’s powerful platform provides all the advantages of online messaging, remote updates, notifications and SMS.

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