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Website Development Company Hudson Horizons recently completed a new project for a client, marked by the launch of his new site,, a social network geared towards music enthusiasts.

Hudson Horizons has been designing, developing and optimizing traditional websites for clients since 2003; but as social networking websites continue to grown in popularity, Hudson Horizons founder, President and CEO Daryl H. Bryant is proud to respond to new clients’ interest in the thriving industry.

“When a client’s fascination with social networking websites goes beyond merely participating on such services,” he said, “our team is here to deliver. is one of our development team’s proudest accomplishments.”

Build A Jam represents a unique social network where people of all ages can come together and share their love of music in a variety of ways. Much like many social networking websites, members can register for free accounts, customize their profiles, and mingle in like-minded communities.

Hudson Horizons VP of Technology, Matt Mayernik, explained that each member of Build A Jam can create their own stage name, upload a user picture, add a personal bio, add frequent status updates, create a list of the instruments they play, and “become a fan” of their favorite bands– similar to a social bookmarking feature.

“With Build A Jam, we really took the concept of social networking to the next level,” continued Mayernik. “Members can create separate profiles for bands they’re currently in, or even create a profile for an evolving music project.”

In addition to the social network features standard with every Build A Jam member account, band profiles can be further customized by defining favorite genres and sharing listings for open positions. Band members can also invite fellow Build A Jam musicians to join, share comments on friends’ band profiles, and add photos from concerts, rehearsals, or other band events.

“What’s more,” emphasized Mayernik, “is that members can upload mp3 files of their own songs, so that everyone in the Build A Jam network – whether they’re musicians looking to hook up or just music-lovers wanting to listen in—can hear the actual songs recorded by that band.”

Embracing the power and influence of social media marketing, the developers at Hudson Horizons embedded social media buttons on each band profile that allow members to connect with them on Twitter as well as Facebook.

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