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Twitter Game 140Blood an Epic Fantasy Adventure

140Blood ( is a new Twitter adaptation of the popular World of Blood games from Facebook and MySpace. Players advance through a role-playing game, using Twitter to find new friends, form parties, and communicate with other players. Players can adventure online with their followers, or choose to tweet game status updates.

The Blood games are well-known for their immersive stories and worlds. Upon logging in to, players can choose from among four adventures:

Elven Blood: A fantasy RPG in a medieval world of magic. Journey through heaven and hell as you battle through orcs, dragons, and demons.

Blood Lust: Enter a dark gothic-fantasy world. Hunt vampires and werewolves as you discover the secrets of your own vampiric past.

Skies of Blood: A post-apocalyptic world of cyborgs and high-tech weaponry. Pilot mechs and aircraft in a deadly arms race of the future.

City of Blood: Load up your guns for a fast-paced action game of crime heists, bullet dodging, and undercover tactical action leading you across the globe.

The World of Blood games were a massively popular series on Facebook and MySpace, achieving cult-popularity and reaching millions of players.

Play the new 140Blood games at:

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